300 Wanted!

Hello Friend,
The outcome of the upcoming elections has never been so unpredictable. For the first election in a long time, I’m not only excited to vote, I’m enthusiastic about motivating people to participate and be involved. I don’t know if you know, but there is a window of opportunity in 2011 to begin to birth the Nigeria of our dreams. Almost 3yrs ago, the New Nigeria Club was born, and the aspiration in our hearts was and still is that we will be involved in the birthing of a New Nigeria. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am glad to announce to you that the time is here! The year 2011 will go down in Nigeria’s history as the year of the voter!
The good news is that there is no future without you! We have gone past the times when we have allowed those whose tight hold on the reigns of political power have constantly convinced us that we have no say in the matter. This coming year, things will be different. I speak not merely with the authority of one that has gotten a revelation from God, but also with the authority of one who is privy to how advanced some processes have progressed already. If we blow this opportunity before us in the coming elections, getting Nigeria on the right path again will become very difficult. This is why we need these 300!
First of all, let me make it clear to you that once in the history of every nation, there comes a problem, which once solved, creates the leverage point for their all rounded success and prominence. This problem, usually sits at the root of so many other problems, and once the root is taken care of, the stems, branches and leaves will adjust in time. That problem for Nigeria is not power, it’s not good roads, not education, not even poverty and it’s ills – these are mere manifestation of our deeper challenge. One will think that the problem is spiritual, but I daresay there is so much solution already within the spiritual terrain. The root problem of Nigeria, is simply lack of proper, value based and systemic political leadership! Imagine if Nigeria has proper political leadership for the next 12yrs? Then our economy will recover faster than the economy of Japan, and Nigeria will win it’s true place in the league of great nations!
Think about it, in the times when we had sound political leadership, everything else worked – light, infrastructure, innovation e.t.c. Imagine, we had a television station in Nigeria before France! Can you imagine where we would have been today if we had continued from then? Our root problem is political leadership! It’s high time our pastors stop encouraging us to prosper in spite of our nation, the peace of Jerusalem should be critical to the prosperity of it’s dwellers. Our mandate is to disciple nations, correct political leadership is at the heart of the gospel. If progress for Nigeria is on your heart…then you must move today. You must join hands with us as we select 300 people who will form the core group of the revolution that are about to begin! The criteria are – be a value based person, hold no allegiance to any personality but to an objective and be willing to cast your vote and influence others based on knowledge and not emotions. We are currently shortlisting for these 300 from around the country for a strategic meeting. If you are an influence in your city of residence and are willing to position in a direction that lifts up the fate of the nation, kindly indicate interest by filling the form here. http://www.deoluakinyemi.com/the-300/
You and I cannot afford to stand idle in the forthcoming elections. We must take responsibility! Don’t wait until you are “Led”, we are already led. The voices of distress, the reality of life’s perishing through the cracks created by the gaps in who we are versus who we should be, and the inborn sense of responsibility in all of us is leading enough. Before you go into the philosophies of helpless men, please consider the following questions.
1. Did God lead Nehemiah to build the wall of Jerusalem or he simply heard the call through the distress news he received?
2 .Did God tell David to confront Goliath, or David just couldn’t stand the insult of Goliath, the paralytic fear of Israel and the defiance against God?
3 Did God tell Shadrach, Messach and Abednego to defy Nebuchadnezzar, or was it a personal choice based on what God’s word already expressed?
4 Did God tell Daniel not to eat or he purposed in his mind not to be contaminated by the Babylonian system? Did Daniel debate or waste time finding God’s perspective on what is mind his clearly expressed on, generations before?
5. Did God tell Martin Luther the reformer to paste his thesis that banished him to house arrest for 2yrs for declaring “the just shall live by faith?
6. Did God tell Wilberforce to abolish slave trade in England and consequently force the world to do same?
7. I would like to know the school that your Pastors Children attends or attended, whether it’s in this nation or abroad, whether its a public or private, whether he is ‘led’ by God or by the deplorable situation in the nation or whether he is led to use a generator at home and at the church or does he simply analyze the situation and use his brain?
Change is here, and we are all responsible! If you know that you are critical to the future, don’t let this pass! Circulate widely among other change agents. The first meeting will be holding on Dec 11… and it’s a meeting anyone who is destined to be relevant to the future must be in. Please note that indication of interest does not automatically qualify.

We will also be sending you updates soon on changes in Leadership and Administration of NNC and also also plans for the coming year, thank you for being a part of this, together we shall take this Nation of ours to greater heights.

Humble Regards
NNC Administrator
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