About Us

The New Nigeria Club, was formed by idealistic young Nigerian professionals who believe in the dream of a better Nigeria, where life can be better, corruption and poverty can be eradicated, beautiful opportunities that will make life better will be created and tapped into. The youth can also use this as a vehicle to have a voice and sense of belonging in pushing the nation forward.

The club is being managed by a dynamic organisation with a team of Patriotic Nigerians, IT developers and business development specialists, with each member playing its role in achieving the New Nigerian dream.

The Club Managers
All matters relating to the Club in Nigeria and Overseas are managed by Generis Solutions located in Nigeria. Generis Solutions is a solutions providing firm with core competencies in HR management, Business Development and ICT solutions.
Generis Solutions
3rd Floor, Oluwatobi House,
71 Allen Avenue,
Ikeja, Lagos

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