Letter to NNC – From Adeolu Akinyemi

From Adeolu Akinyemi - State of the New Nigeria Club

In a few more days, the New Nigeria Club will clock 2yrs. It's been a journey that has been both exciting and challenging. It's a journey that in two years has added over 10yrs to my life. The quality of learning can fill a book, but today is not a day of details. I know that the average person wants it short and sweet, so I'll keep this mail to that.

When the New Nigeria club was birthed, I thought it was a club that would help us achieve our objectives, I also thought that I would make some money in the process, with the reward plan, we believed that we had made it capable of rewarding the people who chose to invest in driving it. Little did I know that I would not only not make money, but I would make the biggest financial and service sacrifice of my life till date doing it. It has cost me, and a few people close to me, but it's not a regreted cost, everything I have lost in cash and time, I have gained in personal value. I am sure that all of us who were actively involved in doing the right things can say the same thing. The New Nigeria Club was not and is not a business and with the help of committed members been stripped of everything that makes it assume the stance of one.

The New Nigeria Club has evolved, but not with as much totality as many people think. While we have done many projects successfully and are yet involved in some others, we have failed woefully in communication. I am deeply sorry about this, and promise that in the year ahead, this will change. Let me use this mail to start and clarify a few things.

Our vision was and still is, to galvanize 5,000,000 people together to be involved in the creation of a New Nigeria, and we are still intent on being involved in the building of the New Nigeria of our dreams.

We have done a lot of projects in Reorientation, Charity, Nation Building, Financial Empowerment, Education and Enlightenment... and we are not about to stop. We have not transformed into a political party, and we are not transforming into a political party. We will merely be involved in ensuring that we are a voice, not a politically silent irrelevant bunch people offering only unsustainable social value. We want to continue doing what we are doing, but also ensure that we can be sought after by people interested in leading this country. We will not change our identity to make this happen, we'll just ensure that we are a voice... as we always wanted to be.

The New Nigeria Club also promoted a lot of deals for it's members to participate in. As typical of financial deals, some of them have been awesome, some of them a waiting game and some of them have been outright terrible. Interestingly however, good or bad, I've had a bigger share of the joys and the woes than anybody else in the club. Worse, I have even taken on the personal unheard of responsibility of refunding people on some deals that really went bad! The Eko Taxi project for example ended up being a good business in the hands of rogues. I personally still have over 11m of my personal funds with them, but I have almost finished paying all that participated. People don't share the profits from good deals, but sometimes share the losses of the bad ones. This almost damaged my philosophy of providing regular information about great opportunities I see with people, and simply plugging in myself when I can. I have however just repented, I will make information available, with a disclaimer, so that people can take responsibility as it should always be.

2010 is almost here, and our Club needs to get back into full swing. I must be honest with you, we need a lot of of help, and are not too proud to ask for it.

1. We need volounteers to take care of different aspects of the club. What doesn't get driven doesn't get done. We need people to volounteer for the following. A communication Director (to ensure that communication is frequent and regular). We need a membership Director, someone willing to drive renewals and new membership. We need a funding director, someone to work with cSR units of organizations and individuals to keep the club funded. We need a Accountability Project Leaders for - Reorientation Projects, Education and Enlightment Projects, Charity Projects, Nation Building Projects and Political Involvment Projects. Volounteers should please mail me at deoluakinyemi at gmail.com. Please feel free to volounteer, it may be free today, but not for long.

2. We need to agree our key projects for the year. Let's not start and stop, let's build around sustainable projects and work towards longterm value adding. We have a few projects already that we already voiced and have started work on. Let's agree on 3 to work on based on people volounteering to stirr them.

a. Project Save Cynthia - an educational project that helps to train teachers, educate parents and inspire students. This is to make visible impact in the educational system in Nigeria and turn the tide on 87% failure of WAEC and 89% failure of NECO.

b. University and Secondary School NNC Clubs - this is a project to enshrine the values of NNC in students. We keep them together by organizing re-orientation seminars, financial intelligence training and community projects.

c. NNC and NYSC partnership - Collaborate with NYSC to form an NNC group that will do the biddings of the club in each state.

d. NNC Savings Club - We create a basis to encourage ourselves to save towards future investment possibilities. We set a target for ourselves and drive ourselves to achieve it.

e. Project BEST (Political) - We gather funds together to create competitions that cut accross a few sectors. BEST Mechanic provides an opportunity to bond with all Mechanics and add value to them, and celebrate people doing the right things. BEST hairdresser provides a forum for all hairdressers, BEST Tailor e.t.c. This way we are galvanizing people towards improving their lives and securing their votes.

3. We need to renew our membership of NNC. Membership kicked off with N30,000 per year. We have since reviewed it to N3,000 plus donations. This is to allow students and people without much funds to participate as well, while creating different classes of membership. Every NNC members membership has expired, and ought to be renewed. This would make it easy for the projects to be funded.

4. There are a number of exciting opportunities, I have been participating in, without sharing and they have been doing well. You'll be updated in the next update.

We have come this far, because we believed. We'll go further as we continue to believe and act based on our beliefs. One thing I can guarantee you though, is that we'll see a new Nigeria in our life time, and we will not be mere spectators, we'll be able to say that we believed, and took action!

Kind Regards

Adeolu Akinyemi
Founder, New Nigeria Club

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  1. Babatunde K. Liasu says:

    Good day,
    All leveled allegations for nonperforming & nonactiveness accepted.I hereby, volounteer myself to be part of Projects and to be specific, I Will like orientation and enlightenment projects.Thanks

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