Project RAISE

Hello Friends

Do you want to make history by transforming the lives of 1 million students?
Do you want to earn more than 100,000 monthly doing what you enjoy doing?
Do you want to be a part of the greatest thing that ever happened to education in Nigeria?
Do you want to have financial freedom?
Do you want to be a part of the Collaborative Effort between The Future, New Nigeria Club and PROJECT RAISE?
PROJECT RAISE is a vision set to transform learning and development models and outlook in our schools and institutions. It is a worthy project of a great institution of repute called VISIBLE IMPACT.
Actualization plans for the successful implementation of this vision is a collaborative one where interested participants  who have the needed skills, motivation and desire to own a part of the vision are welcomed as paid partners with earning capacity of more than 100.000 monthly doing what they
enjoy doing.

Training and screening would take place on Monday; the 11th may 2009 at Generis solutions, 71 AllenAvenue Oluwatobi House. 10am prompt.
To apply: Send your curriculum vitae or personal profile to before the 11th of May 2009.

Keep the Flag flying

New Naija Club

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  1. Daniel Evans says:

    i am hopping that with very hard work on Affiliate marketing, maybe i would be able to achieve Financial Freedom in 2 years time.”*-

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