Hello All,

I trust you and your family are well.

For some time now, we have been having a series of brainstorming sessions and consultations
with various individuals who share the passion of seeing a better Nigeria. During this period,
communication to members have been minimal. We apologise for this and will ensure that this
does not repeat itself in the future.

A lot has happened over the past few months that has started a chain reaction in Nigeria.
Never has the need for a change in our attitude and a commitment to the development of our
Nation been more critical.

A number of projects have been designed to help us constructively achieve our objectives.
However, these projects will require the participation of all members. All hands must be
on deck to help us create the future we desire. Details of these projects will be sent to
you as soon as they are ready to run.

Thank you for your time and keep upholding the values of the New Nigeria.

Humble Regards

Ogho Emore

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